Wednesday, 6 June 2012

"Santiago tiene una pena"

June 16  Latin American House 4 pm A documentary of Diego Riquelme Davidson and Felipe Orellana
“Santiago has a pain” narrates part of the life and the profession of three urban transport singers, who, with different realities, face day after day the grey shades of the capital of Chile. In a gloomy and indifferent city, they carry and spread their generous singing with profound responsibility and with the conscience that it is them who have in their daily life the task of exposing songs and notes of other artists. Artists that they evoke in their voices and melodies, thus delivering through their singing an urban radiography of Santiago de Chile.

By choice, in full conscience and in a responsible manner, they have chosen to be artists of the streets, fulfilling their schedules and travelling directionless aboard the urban transport, delivering colours that contrast with the hostile monotony of the capital’s routine. AngĂ©lica, a single mother, Claudio, father, husband and a taxi announcer, and Esteban, a young man who dreams and feeds on music are our three characters, who show us through visual and an almost dialogue-free storytelling a journey in their talented existence, while trying to yield the prejudicial look that sometimes appears before these unique and characteristic exponents of the Chilean folklore culture.

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