Friday, 18 December 2015

Farewell message from Argentine Ambassador Pedro Villagra Delgado

My dear friends of the Embassy:

The arrival of the holiday season and the new year is an auspicious time to send you warm greetings in the hope that 2015 has been a good year for all of you, as well as our best wishes for a still better 2016.

Argentina is starting a new chapter in its democratic life, with a new President elected in the recent general elections where, once again, the popular will found free expression, which constitutes a legitimate reason to be proud and a source of hope for all Argentines, irrespective of where they may be. Those living in Australia will be, as in the past, able to cooperate with the task of our Embassy to promote all the good things that our country has to offer, as well as to strengthen our links with this country, which has so generously received you and which allows you to keep your bonds with our dear motherland.

I will be concluding my diplomatic mission in Australia and return to Argentina in the next few weeks, going back to our Foreign Ministry in Buenos Aires. It has been an intense, enjoyable and rewarding 10 years and I will take back with me the fondest memories of all of you and of Australia itself. I leave many friends with whom we will keep in touch. This is a very good country which I have learnt to love and respect and my pledge is that from any position that I may occupy in Argentina, I will always endeavour to make our links with Australia grow stronger and more diversified. To that end, the role that you, the Argentine community in Australia and the many friends Argentina has in Australia, can play, is central. You are the best Ambassadors our country could ever hope for in this country.

I would ask you to provide my successor, Ambassador Hugo Gobbi, a career diplomat as myself and whom we expect will be taking his duties around the beginning of February, the same co-operation, and friendship which I have had the privilege to receive from all of you and that I will keep always close to my heart. I will also do my best to continue deserving these warm feelings while back in our beloved Argentina.

I convey to all of you and your families my best wishes for happiness, prosperity and success, with a big and close farewell Argentine hug.

Many thanks and goodbye,

Pedro Villagra Delgado

Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in Australia 

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