Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Street choirs singing carols every night under Martin Place Christmas Tree

Enjoy the sounds of Christmas

Street choirs singing carols will perform every night leading up to Christmas under the branches of the interactive Christmas Tree. Enjoy the festive music as you stroll through the City.

Tuesday 1 December 
From 6pm: Northern Beaches Choir

Wednesday 2 December
From 6pm: Darlington Public School

Thursday 3 December  
From 6pm: Sydney Sings (With One Voice)

Friday 4 December
From 6pm: Northern Beaches Choir

Saturday 5 December
From 6pm: SISTA! Quartet

Sunday 6 December
From 6pm: Australian Girls Choir

Monday 7 December
From 6pm: Leichhardt Espresso Chorus

Tuesday 8 December 
From 6pm: Honeybees

Wednesday 9 December
From 6pm: Sydney Philharmonia

Thursday 10 December  
From 6pm: Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Friday 11 December
From 6pm: Australian Girls Choir

Saturday 12 December
From 6pm: Cafe of the Gate of Salvation

Sunday 13 December
From 6pm: Australian Girls Choir

Monday 14 December
From 6pm: Honeybees

Wednesday 16 December
From 6pm: Sydney Sings (With One Voice)

Thursday 17 December  
From 6pm: Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Friday 18 December
From 6pm: Leichhardt Espresso

Saturday 19 December
From 6pm: Endeavour Harmony

Sunday 20 December
From 6pm: Salvation Army Band & Choir

Monday 21 December
From 6pm: SISTA! Quartet

Tuesday 22 December 
From 7pm: Salvation Army Band (featuring Colin Buchanan)

Wednesday 23 December
From 7pm: Salvation Army Band

Thursday 24 December  
From 7pm: Salvation Army Band

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