Thursday, 6 April 2017

Irma Enriquez to present a music education seminar for children with disabilities in Argentina

Music education seminar for children with disabilities

To provide the basic elements to facilitate the education of autistic children, incorporating some principles of the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) system.
The psychological, social, pedagogic and musical environment in music education for children with disabilities through the teaching and practical application of basic theory knowledge, will be discussed.

The seminar will take place during three days in Patagonia’s University Institute for the Arts (IUPA), Music Department, General Roca, Argentina.
Date: April 2017
By Teacher Irma Enriquez

Short bio: Irma Enriquez was born in Mexico. She finished post-graduate studies in Piano, Art History and music teaching at several institutions in Mexico, Spain and Australia. She is a piano teacher and a pianist with Duo Deconet, which is considered the pioneer in the diffusion of classic Latin American music in the Asia-Pacific. Irma coordinates her projects with compositors, researchers, and various artists for international launches. She has won awards in Mexico and Spain for cultural diffusion; in Australia she was acknowledged for her diffusion of Ibero American Contemporary Music. She is always in demand for radio and music education conferences by Spanish-speaking associations. 

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