Monday, 27 March 2017

Talk by Uruguayan writer Guillermo Pellegrino at University of Sydney

From Hidalgo to Benedetti:
A history of musical poetry
in Uruguay”

(Talk by writer Guillermo Pellegrino)

Talk at University of Sydney:
Thursday March 30 2017 - 4pm
The University of Sydney
(New Law Annexe SR344)

*IMPORTANT: His books will be available at a promotional price


Speech “From Hidalgo to Benedetti: a history of musical poetry in Uruguay”. Based on a careful discography selection, the author will analize the rich Uruguayan tradition in song writing and musical poetry. Names such as those of Mario Benedetti, Alfredo Zitarrosa, Osiris Rodríguez Castillos, Idea Vilariño, Circe Maia, Daniel Viglietti, José Luis “Pepe Guerra”and Manuel Capella are one of the most significant in the field, but not the only ones. Based on the author’s previous titles (Cantares del Alma, a biography of Zitarrosa, America’s live strings, Ruben Lena: song master and, both with co author Jorge Basilago, Mario Benedetti´s song and On the edge of silence: Life and work of Osiris Rodríguez Castillos), Pellegrino invites the audience to experience the territory in which the lyrics and the music walk together, territory that includes the names of other great Hispanic americans like Joan Manuel Serrat, Isabel Parra and Tania Libertad.

The author:

Guillermo Pellegrino (Montevideo, 1968)

Author of the books Cantares del alma, Biografía de Alfredo Zitarrosa (Planeta, 1999), Las cuerdas vivas de América (Sudamericana, 2002), Jébele. El cálido blues de los mediodías (Estuario, 2009), Rubén Lena. Maestro de la canción (Banda Oriental, 2009), Dicen los cantores (Planeta, 2010), La canción de Mario. Benedetti musicalizado (Seix Barral, 2012, y Antítesis, Quito, Ecuador, 2014, en coautoría con Jorge Basilago, First Prize winner at the Concurso Internacional de Ensayo de la Fundación Mario Benedetti -FMB-, Alfredo Zitarrosa: la biografía, edición condensada, con nuevos documentos y testimonios (Continente, Buenos Aires, 2011; Sudestada, Buenos Aires, 2013; y Estuario, Montevideo, 2013), y A la orilla del silencio, Vida y obra de Osiris Rodríguez Castillos (Cuatroesquinas, 2015, also with Basilago).
In 2000 was awarded the National Literature Prize by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay (MEC), in the category Essay in History, Biography and similar.
In 2002, because of his contribution to the popular culture, Pellegrino received a Special mention of the TEA prize, occasion in which the argentine journalists highlighted the testimonial and research value of his first two books.

He is currently the general correspondent in Uruguay for the argentine newspaper Clarín and collaborates regularly with the Chilean paper La Tercera.
During his 30 year professional journalism career Pellegrino worked with various written Media groups in the Rio de la Plata and outside the region, including 18 years at El País Cultural and one decade at the América Economía magazine.

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